Norman family night a feast of fun

REED CITY — The crowds come out for Family Nights every month at Godfrey T. Norman Elementary School in Reed City, and March’s main event was no exception.

Families gathered, had a meal that included a whole variety of items including nachos and fresh fruit, then it was off to this room or that, where games were set up, special projects, space for little people to practicing sharing toys with others — in some cases, that happily included daddies — and getting acquainted with the Card Wildlife animals.

As children slowly made their way down the tables filled with such displays as a fawn, ducks, and a whole variety of other animals, not only did the children seem to enjoy touching them and even talking to them, but so did many adults as well.

As a pint-sized photographer made video memories for the school of one monkeyish type of critter, a trio of girls decided to pose as well.

One little girl asked, “Can you tell us apart?” And one little boy replied, “No, you look just like it.” With that one boy tried to prove he could outrun a silly ol’ girl, and lost.

Each child left with some more fun memories, along with a free book. Oh, and then there was a therapy dog that also made a big hit. It listened to the stories, held still for the pats on the head, and then looked at the little boy who had just finished reading, and slurped him a thank you right on the forehead.