New bulk mail policy in place

UNITED STATES — Business owners and individuals who used to have to purchase a bulk-mailing permit for $195 to send bulk mail, can now send mail for only 14.5 cents a piece in a new “Every Door Direct” initiative.

Veronica Strouse, United States Postal Development Specialist of the Greater Michigan District told business owners at the Reed City Depot Thursday that the program was formed after listening to business and individuals’ opinions about the old system.

“It was very time consuming and confusing,” Strouse said. “This makes it easy.”

Strouse said many people choose to e-mail instead of use the postal service, but the “Every Door Direct” service ensures that everyone in the area will receive the mail. The service is not just for business owners, but also by individuals who want to spread the word in a small community.

“We’ve had people having a garage sale and someone who lost a pet use this service,” Strouse said.

The service requires a minimum of 300 pieces of mail and a maximum of 5000. Customers must register online at and receive a Customer Registration Identification. Specific postal routes can be selected online.

Strouse said the post offices are available for assisting customers in this process if they have any questions. The Reed City post office can be contacted at (231) 832-4244.