Nestle Inn hosts annual Thanksgiving feast

REED CITY - For six years running, the folks at Reed City’s Nestle Inn restaurant have been not only thankful “ ...with the lips” but also have been expressing their thanks “ ...from the heart.”

For six years, the Upton Avenue restaurant has opened on Thanksgiving Day and welcomed any and all comers to join in a family feast.

The Nestle Inn Thanksgiving Day family has grow over the years - and not by one or two at a time. From fewer than two dozen participants in 2006, planners expect some 150 feasters at the communal table.

And the more, the merrier.

All are welcome.

“We already have reservations being made,” said co-owner, and co-host Rich Pemberton. “We’ve had people calling for three or four weeks now.

“Everyone is invited, and everyone is family.”

What has become a much appreciated local ‘tradition’ will once again be a big part of the local Thanksgiving Day celebration as Nestle Inn opens its doors to a full sit-down family feast from noon to 4 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day.

The Nestle Inn team will be opening the restaurant’s doors on Thanksgiving Day offering a traditional holiday meal and a warm welcome to all comers - at no expense to anyone.

“We always look forward to a good time,” reported co-owner Shari Holben. “The meal is getting larger and larger every year.

“We expect to have a lot of good food, and even more good fellowship.”

Entertainment during the meal will be provided by Florence Pemberton and Friends.

“We’re expecting full tables, full plates, and full hearts,” continued Holben.

The Nestle Inn team have planned a full and traditional menu including a variety of meats and all the fixings.

“It’s going to be a great meal,” said Pemberton “We are very, very happy to be able to spend the holiday with people we consider to be all part of our family - whoever walks in the door.”

The restaurant, located in the second block of West Upton in Reed City, is expected to be crowded, but there is always from for one, or two, or 20 more.

“We have people coming back year after year,” noted Pemberton.

“There are some who have been coming from the first year.

“It’s Thanksgiving Day. This is our way of giving thanks.”

There will be a warm family greeting to all comers.

Reservations are not required but would be appreciated by calling (231) 832-3001.