Motorist interaction with large trucks increases during fall

LANSING — As harvest time approaches, bringing with it an increase of semi-truck traffic on county, state and local roads, Michigan State Police (MSP) motor carrier officers will be checking trucks for compliance with size and weight requirements, conducting safety inspections and verifying driver credentials. This proactive approach helps protect the infrastructure and creates a safer environment for the motoring public.

The MSP is reminding motorists of things they can do to help keep the roadways safe with the increase of large trucks transporting produce to market and large farm harvesting equipment.

Safe driving tips:

• Exercise patience as large trucks require a greater distance to reach their target speeds when entering the roadway.

• Allow yourself plenty of space when merging onto a roadway and assume any approaching truck or vehicle is traveling at or above the posted speed limit.

• Use your turn signal when preparing to change lanes or leave the roadway to allow truck drivers to slow their vehicle, which requires a greater distance to stop than smaller vehicles.

• Truck drivers are reminded not to overload their vehicles and make sure loads are properly secured and equipment is working properly.

The MSP encourages motorists to drive safely and enjoy all this harvest season has to offer.