Morgan Composting to host seventh annual soil seminar Aug. 11

SEARS - Local businessman Brad Morgan has seen a lot of progress made over the past decade in making people more aware of the need for responsible environmental stewardship.

It’s part of his business.

It’s more than that.

“We know that best farming and gardening practices, those that build up the soil rather than breaking it down, are good for us as a business,” said Morgan.

“This is what we do.

“But we also know and believe that there is a far greater impact from good, responsible farming and gardening practices on extended communities than there is on one business.

“It is this sense of what we need to be doing in our community that has pushed us to continue to offer annual soil seminars to anyone interested.”

Morgan will once again be hosting a soil seminar with lots of information to large scale farmers, and home gardeners as well.

This will be Morgan Composting’s seventh event.

It has grown every year, along with interest in the field of soil conservation.

“We have more and more people coming every year,” noted Morgan. “The first year we held a soil seminar, there were maybe 20 people attending. Last year, there were over 300 taking part in the day.

“We also have been expanding our program to address the questions of a wider range of people - and much more diverse audience.”

This year, the annual soil seminar is planned for Thursday, Aug. 11, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

There’s a lot to cover.

Speakers will hold talks, workshops, discussion groups, and seminars on everything you ever wanted to know about soil conservation - for every level of farmer and gardener.

“We have a great list of speakers lined up,” Morgan said.

“Some are known in our area, others will be visiting for the first time - such as Bob Vanda an agronomist from Iowa, our keynote speaker. We expect there will be valuable information to be learned by

everyone attending.”

Morgan noted he hoped casual gardeners and home hobbyists would understand that this soil seminar is not only geared toward the heavy-hitter agriculturists.

“More and more we see how people are questioning the use of chemicals in home settings,” he said.

“Folks with a few square feet of tomato garden, or even those with strictly decorative gardens, are stopping short when they see the wide range of questionable chemicals they’re being encouraged to pump into their soil.

“The speakers at the soil seminar address not only large operations, but the problems of smaller, home gardeners as well.

“Soil conservation isn’t just a large scale farming issue, it’s an issue that affects all of us.”

Much of the focus of this year’s soil seminar will be on the over use, or misuse of nitrogen fertilizers.

“Overuse of nitrogen is a real problem today,” Morgan pointed out. “It is the second largest source of pollution in our ecological system.

“We want to help folks find alternatives - on larger farms and in home gardens as well.

“Whether folks are backyard gardeners, or for-profit farmers, there is a need to be more responsible and, in fact, more effective.”

For more information on the 7th Annual Soil Seminar, contact Alyson at 231 734-2451.