REED CITY — There was a work bee Saturday at Reed City Moose Lodge 705 located on the community’s east side, but it wasn’t about repairs and remodeling. Then again it really was in every sense of the word.

It was about repairing hurting hearts and remodeling lives, restoring hope, and outreaching to others.

It’s not the first time. Won’t be the last.

Throughout the entire year, money is raised to help others. It’s meant to provide food for the hungry, clothe those who need coats or shoes or maybe mittens and hats. It’s meant to help those less fortunate have a Christmas, as merry as possible.

A woman helping this time said, “I’ve been in that predicament. I needed help. Now I can help others. With the economy the way it is, there are a lot more needing it now than did before, and fewer to help. Those who could moved to where they could find jobs, and there are fewer of us to help and more and more needing it.”

Another woman commented that the Moose had helped with a fundraiser for the library. “Big time. I’m not a member here, but I came to give them a hand. They sure wanted to help the library, and this is something I can do in return. Their enthusiasm is so contagious.”

Teens and children were a part of the wrapping and packing work as well.

The work bee, according to Denise Adams, “meant wrapping gifts for 79 kids. We had more teens this year than other years.”

Those 79 youngsters were part from 27 families who needed a hand-up this Christmas. Names were received from the school system, and once the needs were known, sizes and other information received, it was off to the stores.

Hitting the sales is a big thing, and the group of “hunters” often team up for the Thanksgiving time sales armed with a list of how many this size and how many that, boots or mittens or just what and divide up the aisles and areas to hit first and make sure the needs are met. Then come the wants.

Food is a need that is a special part of the Moose’s and Ladies of the Moose outreach as well. In fact, they collect money all year in order to be sure that food can be boxed up for delivery and to help others not only at specific times of the year, but also in emergencies.