Middle school students take part in salmon project

REED CITY — Everyone knows that time of the year when the science fair comes around and students work day in and day out to complete a project.

For several years, The Nestle Corporation has enlisted several area schools to have their 6th or 7th grade science classes take part in a project while they learn about ecosystems. The project takes about seven months to complete and teachers are provided with salmon eggs and the means to care for them.

Dave Carlson teaches 7th grade science at Reed City Middle School and his students took care of the fish every day until they were ready to be released back into Michigan water. Students packed up the fish into coolers and together they made the trip to the beach at Ludington State Park. Each student was able to release a salmon into the river, hoping at least a few would make it and increase the salmon population.

The learning continued through a scavenger hunt where students took pictures of about 25 different itms related to their lessons at school. In addition students from Reed City Schools, classes came from Evart Public School, Chippewa Hills Public Schools and Big Rapid Public Schools. Students, staff and parent chaperones were treated to a picnic lunch served by employees from Ice Mountain.