Michigan bikers to visit Reed City

REED CITY — The annual Michigander Bike Tour will take bicyclists from across the state through Reed City this year.

The twenty-third annual tour is hosted on by the Michigan Trails and Greenways Alliance, a non-profit organization dedicated to connecting and preserving Michigan's biking and hiking trails. The bike tour, which changes its route every year, will take participants through Reed City as they either continue or start their journeys.

The Michigander offers the option of biking for two, six or seven days. Those who bike for two or seven days will travel from Farwell to Reed City on Saturday, July 12, where they will stay overnight at the Reed City High School. Those who choose to bike for six days will check in at Reed City before beginning the tour and making their way to Mesick.

"When the Michigander Bike Tour comes into Reed City, they have their own tents," said Suzie Williams, director of the Reed City Chamber of Commerce. "Everywhere they go, they camp."

Volunteers from both the bike tour and Reed City will be stationed at the high school to receive and feed the bikers when they being arriving in the afternoon. Williams said various organizations and restaurants from Reed City volunteer their services each time the bikers visit.

The tour provides shuttle vehicles to bring the bikers to and from entertainment that evening, also hosted by Reed City. Bikers will be free to shop, eat and explore the city, something Williams said they often like to do.

"They're looking for something to do when they come in the afternoon," Williams said. "We have concert performance in the evening for them so they will have entertainment."

Williams said the tour last came through Reed City five years ago and that it tends to generate business in the area.

"It's hard to say because they only come through every five years," Williams said. "But about 800 to 900 of them come into town, so obviously they boost our economy."

For more information on the Michigander Bike Tour, visit michigantrails.org.