Michigan author pens novel inspired by local region

'Forever Since an Apple' expected to appear at Evart Farmers Market

TRENTON — One man's love of northern Michigan has been translated to the page of a new fiction novel featuring a main character with a familiar last name.

"Forever Since an Apple" is the first book by Ken Welsch, which tells a coming-of-age story of a college student attending university in a fictional northern Michigan town. The story follows student Daniel Evart during a time of his college career and when he receives a glimpse of what his life after school will be like.

"It's a book that really talks about the part of life you face when you're about to go into the world," Welsch said. "I think the story is a quick read, universal, fun and humorous. I hope its message resonates with people and is relatable."

Welsch is originally from downriver Detroit and said he always enjoyed writing. He attended college at Central Michigan University in the journalism and English fields, writing for the university newspaper and moving on to the papers in Mount Pleasant, Bay City and metro Detroit areas, then taking a break from writing working in the advertising department for the Detroit Free Press. Now he's using his writing skills in the public relations field, living in Trenton with his wife and three children.

I always loved northern Michigan," Welsch said. "Mount Pleasant is close to the start of the region and living there for a time combined with the allure of the northwest inspired me."

When discussing the main character with the last name of one of Osceola County's communities, he said Evart was somewhat of a natural fit, as his family members previously owned a bed and breakfast in the area.

Readers may notice other familiar names or places while turning the pages.

"I named a lot of things in the book for different places that jumped out at me," Welsch added.

He began working on the novel 12 years ago, and due to work, family and other responsibilities, only recently self-published the work. Now, it's ready to hit the shelves.

"It's exciting for me and I always wanted to write a book," Welsch said. "It's not the book I imagined it to be when I began. I have some different insights now than when I first had the idea of writing it."

To help introduce "Forever Since an Apple" to the area, Welsch will attend and sell copies of the book at the Evart Farmers Market on Saturday, July 25, and hopes to display the novel in other local book stores. It also can be found on Amazon.

Welsch is already working on his next novel, with the better sense of how to structure, outline and proceed with the task.