Michigan Legislature roll call report

Senate Concurrent Resolution 24: Extend governor's coronavirus epidemic emergency powers through April 30: Approved by voice vote

Introduced by Sen. Majority Leader Mike Shirkey (R) on April 7, 2020, and passed that day by the House and Senate on voice votes (no roll call tallies):

To authorize an extension through April 30, 2020 of the state of emergency and state of disaster declared by Governor Whitmer in response to the global coronavirus pandemic.

Gov. Whitmer had requested a 70 day extension until June 16, and House Minority Leader Christine Greig offered House Concurrent Resolution 19 to approve doing so. Republican leaders objected that 70 days is too long, so that measure was referred to committee and this one adopted instead.

Gov. Whitmer's declarations and most of the executive orders she has issued under their authority cite two state statutes, one from 1976 and another from 1945. The first of these limits emergency declarations to 28 days, with legislative approval required for an extension. The 1945 law does not have a time limit. This resolution granted an extension of the governor's authority under the 1976 law.

Note that these votes extended the official emergency declaration until April 30, which is not the same as extending the executive orders issued by the Governor under their authority. Whitmer’s initial “stay at home” order was scheduled to expire on April 13, but on Thursday she extended it until April 30 and added some new restrictions on merchants and the public.

These votes were taken under an unusual procedure in which only five lawmakers at a time were permitted to enter the House and Senate chamber, selected based on the distance between their assigned seats. Just 24 of 38 state Senators were present, and 78 of 110 House members.

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