Methamphetamine dump site discovered in Osceola County

OSCEOLA COUNTY — A methamphetamine dump site was discovered on Saturday along U.S. 131 in Richmond Township while a local church performed a community roadside clean-up event.

Osceola County Prosecutor Tyler Thompson was participating in the clean-up, coordinated by the Reed City United Methodist Church, when he observed a backpack containing suspicious items.

Thompson contacted the Traverse Narcotics Team and the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office about the discovery. Both the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office personnel, along with methamphetamine laboratory responders from the Traverse Narcotics Team and the Michigan State Police, arrived at the reported dump site.

The responders observed chemicals and components commonly used for the one-pot method of manufacturing methamphetamine. Those items were properly removed from the scene and disposed of. Further investigation regarding the possible suspects involved with this incident is ongoing.

With weather warming up, Osceola County Undersheriff Justin Halladay said people should be aware these dump sites are popping up from underneath the melting snow.

“As people are cleaning up outside, walking, running or exploring the woods, they need to be mindful of what they may come across,” Halladay said. “If something looks suspicious or smells suspicious, they should contact the proper authorities.”

The one-pot method commonly uses two-liter pop bottles with various chemicals and tin foil, Halladay said. The smell is very strong, similar to ammonia.

“They did the right thing by contacting us,” Halladay said.