Top investigator: Reed City native promoted to new sheriff's office role

'I have always been involved with the community here'

Mike Mohr

Mike Mohr

Photo courtesy of Mecosta County Sheriff's Office

Reed City native Mike Mohr has a new title to add to his name. The Mecosta County Sheriff's Office recently promoted Sgt. Mohr to Det./Sgt. Mohr.

“I am excited about the promotion,” Mohr said. “I am pleased because I have been working toward this. I put in a lot of work over my career and have had a lot of education and training and am ready for this step.”

Mecosta County Sheriff Brian Miller said there were three very good candidates, so it was a difficult decision, but Mohr did well throughout the selection process and had the skills and training they need.

“All the candidates have a long history of quality work and leadership with our office, but in the end, he is somebody that, moving forward, with any major investigations we have we feel very comfortable having him in the lead,” Miller said. “I call him a bulldog because he is somebody that gives his all, and that is something I think is very important.

“He is a family man, and so if you are someone that your family is important to you, other people’s families are going to be important to you also,” he added. “You’re going to do the best job you can for people.”

Mohr has nearly 24 years in law enforcement, 21 of them with the Mecosta County Sheriff’s Office.

He grew up in Reed City and graduated from Reed City High School. From there he went on the Ferris State University, graduating with a four-year degree as a certified public safety officer.

“I started working as a police officer in Reed City in 1997,” Mohr said. “I left there in December 1999 and started at the Mecosta County Sheriff’s Office in January of 2000. I was promoted to road sergeant in 2006, and served as the DARE program officer for two and a half years. I have always been involved with the community here.”

While with the Mecosta County Sheriff’s Office, Mohr’s duties have been varied and have included road patrol officer, crash reconstructionist, fire investigator, crime scene technician and a member of the dive team.

As a member of the dive team, Mohr is responsible for making sure everybody is adequately trained and able and ready to respond out to a scene when necessary.

“Normally we are called out on a recovery of a possible drowning victim, but sometimes it can be evidentiary, where we are diving for possible evidence that has been thrown into a body of water,” he said.

In addition, Mohr is head of the fire investigation team that is made up of firefighters and other officers that assist in the investigation of the cause of a structure fire.

“I have been doing that for over 20 years,” Mohr said. “That requires a lot of training. Every year I do additional training for it.”

Mohr added that crash reconstructionist takes a high level of training, as well, and he will continue to do that for now, but that will be phased out. 

“The department is looking at training Deputy (Jared) Christensen to get to that level of reconstructionist,” he said. “Until then, I will continue to do that.”

Mohr said his role as a crime scene technician will continue with his new position, as well.

“My duties will basically change in that I will be an after the fact investigator as opposed to primary investigator,” he said. “I will take over and assist in all other cases and not be the initial responding officer.”

Miller said Mohr will now handle his own caseload, overseeing the deputies work to make sure that they follow up on any, and all leads.

“We are very proud of the men and women we have in our office and we are going to provide the best service we can for the people of this community,” Miller said.