REED CITY — Keeping individuals—especially children—safe is always a priority for members of The Michigan Masons.

On Saturday, the group from the Lou B.Windsor Masonic Lodge No. 363 set up at the Reed City Fire Department to host a free Michigan Child I.D. Program. The program allows all patrons to receive a free recording of identification information. The data included details like one would see on a driver’s license, contact information, fingerprints, dental impressions, a movie clip with facial expressions, a photo and more.

Gary Scramling, the master of the Reed City Masonic Lodge, said the kit is a great way for first responders to have all the necessary information on someone in an emergency situation like a missing person case.

“We hope they never have to use this, but it’s good to be prepared,” said Scramling, adding the program should be repeated at least every two years.

A Child I.D. Package is given to the parent or guardian and includes a photo identification card, digital fingerprints, a DNA sample, an amber alert profile, a dental impression and a recorded clip. No information is kept or copied by the Michigan Masons.

The Michigan Child I.D. Program is funded through the Michigan Masonic Charitable Foundation. For more information, visit