Marvel begins recycling program in Hersey


HERSEY — Robin Marvel is making sure the village of Hersey is becoming more environmentally friendly by offering her own free recycling pickup program for its residents.

The author, motivational speaker, wife and mother of five said the idea came to her after noticing how much garbage she and her family throw away each week and how much can be recycled versus being tossed into a dumpster.

"I think as a unit we're all kind of separate, everyone has these busy lives and no one has the time to slow down and recycle, which is something that is beneficial for the world, for our community and for everything, so I wanted to give people that option," Marvel said. "I went up to the Reed City Recycling Center, got one of their papers and realized they took so much stuff and they're open every day of the week. I started recycling and it went down to two bags of garbage a week.

"I thought if more people are aware of the huge affect recycling can have, why not do that? Because I'm going there anyway, why not say 'Hey, set your stuff by the curb and I'll pick it up and take it in for you,' to make it easier for people."

Recyclables will be collected by Marvel and her family at 10 a.m. on Tuesdays and taken to the Reed City Recycle Center. Acceptable items include plastic bags, milk jugs and No. 1 and No. 2 plastic items, Styrofoam, cardboard, magazines, newspaper, aluminum, tin and clear glass. All recyclables must be clean, but do not have to be separated prior to pickup.

"All people have to do is put it out there, and if they have a specific tub I will take it and bring it back, or empty the stuff into my car," Marvel added. "I really hope every house participates. The local businesses are on board, which is great, but hopefully every house will take part and make an impact that way."

The program already has a great response, with about 12 houses participating in Marvel's first week of pickup after spreading the word door to door. She expects more as word spreads.

"I'm passionate about it," Marvel said. "I want to make people's lives easier. For me, that matters and it's a way for me to give back. I want to be that helping hand."

To register to join the recycling route or for more information, like and comment on the Hersey Green Team Facebook page or call Robin at (989) 544-1186.

"I want to do something that bands the community together, and that's the bottom line in everything I do," Marvel added. "I'm really excited to make recycling available for people. I'll do it as long as possible."