Marion woman named writer of the month

MARION — Write to Publish, a local writing group, has announced the first Writer of the Month for 2012.

The honor goes to Marion resident Peggy Hoard.

The group’s January newsletter features her touching short story, “Near,” which expresses the pain of losing a loved one in a way that many readers can relate to.

Hoard, who is a prolific writer, has numerous short stories to her credit including the award-winning “Grandma’s House.”

She also writes poetry, specializing in personal and commemorative poems for friends and special occasions. Her poems have been published in Millennium and the Marion Press.

Hoard was born and raised in Marion and lives with her husband Bob on the family homestead. She serves currently as historian of Write to Publish.

The membership of Write to Publish includes published and unpublished writers from Cadillac, Marion, Tustin and surrounding communities.

The mission of the group is to encourage established and aspiring writers, exchange constructive feedback on current projects and sponsor workshops to enhance writing skills and provide insights into today’s publishing marketplace.

New members are welcome.

If you’re a published writer, a novice or simply dreaming about writing a book—whether fiction, nonfiction, memoir, poetry or other genre, Write to Publish will put you in contact with other creative minds.

The group meets every other Tuesday from 1 - 3 p.m. at Horizon Books, 115 S. Mitchell St., Cadillac. Meetings are scheduled for Jan. 17 and 31. For further information call Becky Herring, (231) 775-2425.