OSCEOLA COUNTY — The 300 mile Make-A-Wish bike ride that started at Traverse City early Friday morning and ended up in Chelsea on Sunday was a long, grueling one taking riders through a winding path that brought them up and down long hills and tested their energy levels in the hot sun.

Early reports from a rider indicated they would be coming through Reed City, however, that route was changed this year. They actually came south on Cedar Road, then made their way into Hersey where a rest stop and food station was ready for them.

The park was filled with bikes and riders, along with tents offering food including fruit and all sorts of snacks, water and other beverages. In addition, a vehicle was there to treat any injuries, and prepared to head out if needed elsewhere.

There also were vans toting repair equipment, additional bikes, and any conceivable supply a rider might need.

Riders laughed and joked with one another, traded stories, and some took time to check out a site with competition set up for Minute to Win It action and a chance to try to somebody else’s top scores.

Some took brief rests and never sat down, but a few found benches or a spot on the ground in a shady spot, then headed back to their bikes and back on the road.

The route took them south through Hersey, then east across the Muskegon River, out by the gravel pits, then south along some long inclines as they made their way on toward Mecosta County.

They were to stay at Ferris, then move over the course of many more miles and a couple more days until they arrived Sunday at Chelsea.