MRWA to host shorescaping session

Workshop includes lake friendly shorescaping techniques

TUSTIN — The Muskegon River Watershed Assembly will conduct a natural shoreline workshop from 1 to 4 p.m. on Sept. 20 at the Kettunen Center in Tustin. The workshop will be held as a pre-conference session for the Michigan Chapter of the North American Lake Management Society conference which will be held on Sept. 21. Lakefront homeowners are encouraged to attend this unique workshop which will explore natural shoreline landscaping using ecological principles and practices to reduce erosion and achieve stabilization of shorelines. Natural shorelines enhance habitat for fish and wildlife, improve lakefront aesthetics, and save lakefront homeowners money. A recent U.S. Environmental Protection Agency assessment of Michigan inland lakes indicates that poor biological health is three times more likely in lakes with poor lakeshore habitat. Through attending this event, workshop participants will receive the manual, “Natural Shoreline Landscapes on Michigan’s Inland Lakes,” a $25 value, plus other literature and information about protecting shorelines. Lunch and a pizza supper also will be provided. At the end of the workshop — 4 p.m. — participants will carpool to Cadillac to view a natural shoreline that was installed along a portion of Lake Cadillac’s shoreline last year through the Michigan Natural Shoreline Partnership. “The MRWA is dedicated to the preservation, protection, restoration, and sustainable use of the Muskegon River, the land it drains, and the life it supports, through educational, scientific and conservation initiatives.” MRWA offices are located on the Ferris State University campus. To register for the workshop or conference, please visit the McNALMS website at or contact Dr. Lois Wolfson at or (517) 353-9222.