MEET THE VEEP: Reed City Boy Scouts say 'Hi' to Mike Pence

REED CITY -- Local Boy Scout Troop 74 was chosen to meet Vice President Mike Pence during his visit on Mackinac Island on Sept. 21.

Scout leader Dan Burchett said the troop was chosen from more than 1250 scouts that were attending the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) Mackinac Rendezvous that weekend.

Organizers for the rendevous hand picked those who would meet the vice president based on their participation in activities, the amount of time they spend camping through the year, how well they perform at flag ceremonies, and representing the BSA well by wearing their class A uniforms when participating in scout activities.

"It was a great opportunity for these scouts to meet one of the most powerful people in the country," Burchett said. "It was an opportunity to do something no one else has done, and they all took something from it."

Burchett said the scouts did not know the vice president would be there when they arrived at the rendezvous. On Friday night the organizers informed them they had been chosen to meet some diplomats that were on the island.

"They told us there would be some diplomats there, but they didn't know who it would be," Burchett said. "They told us to dress sharp and make sure we come prepared. It was very exciting when we saw who it was."

Each member of the troop had the opportunity to shake hands with the vice president and some got to take a selfie with him.

Reed City Mayor Trevor Guiles said, "It is quite an accomplishment and quite an honor to be chosen out of more than 1000 scouts. It shows what a quality troop we have here in Reed City, and we are very proud of them."

"This shows they have a lot of professionalism, they have their act together, they do things right and do their activities appropriately. The scout leaders do as well, and we are very proud of the whole group," he added.

Local Troop 74 attends the Mackinac Rendezvous every two years. It is an opportunity for different scout troops to get together and participate in a variety of activities. They camp out for the weekend at Mackinac Mill Creek campground and spend a day on the island touring Fort Mackinac and other historical sites, as well as visiting other island attractions.

The troop participates in numerous community activities throughout the year as well, including the Refresh Reed City clean up, putting up flags for holidays, removing flags that need retiring, and recycling. They plan to participate in the upcoming Smithsonian Museum on Main Street exhibit and will include guided tours of their own historical exhibit at the scout center.