MDOT plans Reed City construction

REED CITY — For two weeks this summer, Church Street from U.S.-10 to Chestnut Street will be under construction as the Michigan Department of Transportation resurfaces the roadway.

“This is a capital preventative project to extend the road’s life,” said MDOT Operations Engineer Patricia Johnson, adding the same project had taken place eight years ago.

The construction is being completed for $197,000 by Reith Riley and will begin in the beginning of August, she added.

“We’re removing the top inch and a half and laying down fresh pavement, doing some sidewalk work and adding striping,” Johnson said.

As the section of Church Street, or Business U.S.-10, is only one mile long, the process will be quick — weather permitting. One lane with controlled alternating traffic will be open while workers repair the opposite lane.

“We don’t expect it to significantly affect traffic,” Johnson added. “Motorists can still take Chestnut to U.S.-10.”

Reed City Manager Ron Howell said he believes the repairs will be a welcome upgrade, as the road is highly used and is becoming aged.

“I think it’s good for Reed City. Church Street kind of becomes a major east-west street that provides access to the schools, the highway and the Pere Marquette Trail,” said Howell.

He said although he would like to replace the sewer and water systems that are under Church Street, the city does not have the funds.

Howell said Chestnut Street is another road in need of serious repair, as it is the main road through the city and also leads to major highways.

He said he was told the road could be redone in 2018, but Johnson said there is no official timeline. Funding and other details need to be in place before a decision on Chestnut Street is made.

However, Johnson said if the project falls through, MDOT will do the same capital preventative project as Church Street.