MARSP donates to Marion Grub-2-Go program

MARION — The Michigan Association of Retired School Personnel MARSP recently made a $500 donation to the Marion Grub-2-Go program.

“Some of our members retired from Marion Public Schools brought the Grub-2-Go program to our attention,” said Marie Wilkerson, co-president of the MARSP Osceola Chapter, in a release. “MARSP members voted unanimously to contribute to the program, knowing how important good nutrition is in helping students stay focused on their learning.”

Grub-2-Go is a local program funded by individuals and groups within the community to help supplement the weekend diet of Marion Elementary School students in need with fresh fruits and protein items.

“When you care about kids, it is painful to think of them being hungry,” said Barbara Darrigan, Grub-2-Go coordinator. “When you care about the future, you want these children to have a good foundation. Scientists tell us that when children do not have a foundation of good nutrition, their brains do not develop as they should and their health may be adversely affected for the rest of their lives.”

The MARSP donation will provide fresh fruit for one month to Marion children participating in the program.

Those interested in supporting this program may do so by volunteering to help pack the weekend food. Contact Darrigan at (231) 499-5700 to volunteer. Cash contributions may be made payable to Grub-2-Go and mailed to 10791 S. Dickerson Road, McBain, MI 49657.