MARSP awards grants to local teachers

Submitted to the Herald Review

OSCEOLA COUNTY — Members of the Osceola County chapter of Michigan Association of Retired School Personnel recently awarded four Reed City Area Public Schools and Evart Public Schools staff members with their own $300 grant.

The Reed City presentations were made by MARSP members Christie Wilson and Gloria Thompson during staff meetings at GT Norman Elementary and Reed City Middle School. Denise Nelson requested various science kits to assist students in learning the science curriculum with hands-on materials. Dave Scharlow works with special needs students at RCMS and requested money for purchasing a small refrigerator for the classroom. It would be used for student needs including the ability to keep diabetic supplies.

MARSP Osceola County Chapter member Jackie Ropeer presented Jenny Junker of Evart Elementary and Crystal Nelson of Evart Middle School $300 grants on Nov. 18. Jenny will use her grant money to purchase board books for pre-schoolers, while Crystal will purchase paperback books to foster independent reading for her middle school students.

All purchased books will be used by many students during this year and in the future. MARSP members were proud to assist staff members with their grant wishes. We thank them for participating in our 2015-16 grant program.

MARSP is a nonprofit advocacy organization founded in 1951 to protect the pensions and benefits of all Michigan public school retirees. Members are public school retirees who may have served their school districts as instructional assistants, social workers, secretaries, media specialists, custodians, bus drivers, teachers, administrators, librarians, cooks, lunch and playground supervisors and specialists. In other words, any public school retiree can be a member of MARSP. The association provides a lobbyist to represent its members in the Michigan Legislature.