Lucky winners, great artists

REED CITY — Two children at Norman Elementary School sat quietly in a crowd of first graders Friday, May 27, waiting for the winners to be announced from a coloring contest sponsored by the office of Dr. Amy Keller, Reed City optometrist.

Little did Doniven Todd, 8, know why his parents and grandparents were already at the special location behind the school where all the first graders had been led by their teachers during lunch hour to hear the announcement of the contest winners. Seven-year-old Taylor Bromley appeared surprised to see her family there too, but waved happily for a moment, then settled in next to friends.

When Doniven’s name was announced as the boy winner, he bolted from his seat to claim a new bicycle. Just moments later, Taylor jumped up from her spot to receive a bike as the girl winner of the contest.

May is designated “Healthy Vision Month” by the National Eye Institute, and Keller’s office promotes it by providing special coloring books to all first graders in both Norman Elementary and Trinity Lutheran School in Reed City.

The children were encouraged to color any pages they wished, then turn their work in at their school office, or take it to Keller’s in downtown Reed City.

Parents were notified of the winners of the drawing so they could be present, but were asked to keep it secret until their children learned it firsthand at school.

Special treats were available for all of the children, as well. It was noted that in carrying out the activity, the goal was to promote healthy vision, and an office release added, “What better way than to start with children! Our hope is the teachers and parents will talk to the children about the need for eye health exams and how glasses may help them see clearly.”