Love INC hosts fashion and style show

REED CITY — If the number of people shopping at the sixth annual INC Spot bazaar and attending the style show Friday evening (Oct. 28) in Reed City was any indication of success, it was that, indeed.

The event was held at the Church of the Nazarene this year, after last year’s event had a standing room only crowd at St. Paul Lutheran Church where it had been located for the first five years. Organizers said it had outgrown that location, and representatives of the Church of the Nazarene offered its location on the north end of Reed City for this year’s event.

An even larger crowd was accommodated this year, and enjoyed not only the style show and bazaar, but also the snacks that were provided throughout the evening as well.

Staff from Head to Toe was on hand to do hair, and all items worn by the models were available for purchase. It was noted that many of the items selected for the models to wear were actually purchased by them, “because they know they looked good, and the prices were certainly right.” One such item was a Cabelas white fur jacket. One lady following the show asked to try it on, and did so. She appeared disappointed when she learned it was already sold.

Models included area residents of all ages and various sizes.

It was noted that the INC Spot in Reed City is an arm of Love INC, and that part of the slogan is churches helping people, whereas it would be impossible for one church to meet all the needs throughout the area.