Lots going on at Kettunen Center

TUSTIN — It seems Kettunen Center in Osceola County is always busy with something and summer surely doesn’t slow the pace at all.

In fact, there are three very special fun-filled events coming up in July, and a huge celebration slated for August.

The Learning Science through the Arts Youth Camp, and is open for youngsters 9-14 years of age, and set for July 10-13. Campers will be learning about the history of native peoples through storytelling, theatre, and art projects.

They will learn about the night sky, edible plants, native dyes, and Michigan mammals, along with all the traditional attractions.

Now we get down to the $1 special events.

Don’t let the name of the first presenter scare you off, or the subject of the second event frighten you away. Dr. Bird Brain will be at Kettunen on Monday, July 11, from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.

Dr. Bird Brain is truly called Dr. Bird Brain. This Birds in Art event should be a fun one, or a whole lot of people will be missing their guess.

Dr. Bird Brain is from the Kalamazoo Nature Center and will be sharing creative stories, music and humor in teaching about the legacy left by John James Audubon. Audubon who was born in 1785 was not the first person who attempted to paint and describe all the birds of America as many would think. Well, and he didn’t really try to “paint” all the birds, but rather did beautiful paintings of birds instead.

In fact, for half a century, he was our young country’s dominant wildlife artist. He died in 1851.

There will be hands-on crafts and activities for all ages after the performance.

Cost is $1 per person, and reservations are required. This particular program is funded by the Michigan Humanities Council and the Michigan Council for the Arts and Cultural Affairs.

Then on July 19, the Biodiversity Live! event takes fright, uh, flight at 7 p.m. Again, this is $1 per person and the promo says you’ll be able to “journey to the ends of the Earth and discover the truly unique and sometimes strange life forms that inhabit our planet.”

Cranbrook Institute of Science presenters will be hand from the Organization of Bat Conservation. Now, that word was conservation. It’s all about them, not conversation, but conservation. Keeping them going. Flying. Not smacking the daylights out of one.

The live presentation will feature bats, owls, bearded dragons, and more. You’ll have an opportunity to learn about the largest and smallest animals alive today, their strange adaptations, unique behaviors, and benefits to humans.

This particular program is intended for youngsters third grade right on up through adulthood, and it is sponsored by Kettunen Center, and the 4-H Councils of Missaukee, Osceola and Wexford Counties.

The fourth event? Well, now, it’s another you won’t want to miss.

Kettunen Center will be hitting it’s half century mark and there’s a day long celebration set for Saturday, Aug. 13, and there will be lots more information as time draws nearer.

For now, know this: there will be a 5K Fun Run/Walk, waterfront activities, disc golf, GPS treasure hunt, petting zoo, nature hikes, and even a picnic lunch, and so much more.