Locals boards helping improve customer service

EVART — There’s always room for improvement.

Members of the Evart Local Development Finance Authority and Downtown Development Authority boards are quick to recognize that no matter what level of service a local business is offering, there is always room for improvement.

The LDFA and DDA want to help.

The two boards will be sponsoring customer training workshops aimed at helping local businesses improve their connection with customers walking through the front door.

“We hope to help businesses create a more positive customer service image in order to better promote local businesses and generate better customer return numbers,” noted LDFA director Melora Theunick.

“A lot of what will be discussed in these workshops is common sense people skills — with a focus on small business/customer relations.

“We just want to help our local businesses do what they do today even better in the future.

“We can all learn to be a little better and more successful at what we do — especially with regard to how we deal with others.”

Facilitating the workshop sessions will be area resident Al Weinberg, of Frontline Specialist Resource, (www. frontlinespecialist.com)

At this stage, Weinberg will be working with interested businesses on a location-specific basis.

“These are two-hour sessions, and the LDFA is willing to pick up half of the total expense to any business in the district for such a workshop opportunity,” continued Theunick.

“Times for sessions can be set up to fit each business on an individual basis.

“We also can help with meeting space for those businesses that may not have a good place to sit down and work through the program.

“This is an improvement skills program that can be individualized for any local businesses needs.

“We’re excited at the potential this program has for our area.”

There are still details and wrinkles to be ironed out in the program, but for more information interested businesses can contact Theunick at the LDFA office — (231) 734-6119.