MECOSTA, OSCEOLA COUNTIES — On Wednesday, Oct. 2, local schools tallied up student numbers, reporting an overall increase in attendance for this fall’s count day.

Taking place in October and again in February, count days determine the amount of state aid schools in Michigan will receive throughout the year.

Wednesday’s count day will determine 90 percent of each school’s per-pupil funding. The remaining 10 percent will be determined in February.

According to Michigan Senate Fiscal Agency, the minimum amount of funding schools in the Mecosta-Osceola Intermediate School District can receive is $7,871 per full-time student.

“It’s hugely important that students show up for count day,” Roger Cole, superintendent at Morley Stanwood Community Schools said. “Adjustments can be made after the fact, but it really makes it a lot easier on us to have everyone here.”

Morley Stanwood Community Schools

At MSCS, faculty counted an estimated 1,185 students in attendance for the October count day.

“We’re up 25 students from what was budgeted, which is good,” Cole said.

While student numbers are up overall at MSCS, Cole added kindergarten numbers have dropped.

Typically, MSCS reports 80 to 85 kindergarten students, but this year, numbers came in at less than 70 students.

Big Rapids Public Schools

BRPS is up from last year as well, with about 2,100 students in attendance on count day.

Tim Haist, superintendent at BRPS, said the number is just an estimate at the moment, but overall, numbers have improved since the previous year.

Crossroads Charter Academy

CCA came in at an estimated 512 students in attendance, having budgeted for 585 students.

Chippewa Hills School District

CHSD reported a slight decrease in student attendance since last fall’s count day.

However, with an estimated 1,937 students counted for across the district, CHSD’s number’s are up by four students since the spring.

Evart Public Schools

At EPS, a similar pattern was reported, with an estimated 887 students counted this fall.

Shirley Howard, EPS superindendent, said last fall, the district tallied 896 students last fall and 882 students in the spring.

“I only budgeted for 860 students, so I’m pleased with the count,” Shirley Howard, superintendent at EPS, said.

Reed City Area Public Schools also was contacted but could not be reached in time for publication.