Local man attends NWTF banquet

BIG RAPIDS — The recent National Wildlife Turkey Federation state convention banquet in Big Rapids attracted many local hunters.

One hunter, Justin Erbes, of Reed City, looked ahead to the spring turkey hunting season and said he liked the way prospects were going.

“It feels like I’ve been hunting all my life,” he said adding about the state conventions, “I like the comradery. You’re supporting a cause. It’s good stuff.”

He attends the Crossroads chapter banquet in Hersey in late April. This year it will be on April 27 at the Eagle Nest in Eagle Village.

The NWTF, through its conventions and chapter dinners, promotes improving local habitat.

“It brings in lot of people,” he said. “People come together.”

Erbes’ deer hunting season didn’t result in a buck.

“But we saw a lot of deer,” he said.