REED CITY — After a year of being without a hometown grocer, Reed City will be receiving a new store to shop at come the end of October.

Samir and Christina Angious are excited to open J&A Grocery and make personal connections with both local and passing customers.

"To me, my customer is first," Samir Angious said. "I want everybody to come in happy."

The last grocery store in Reed City was Vic's Supermarket, which closed in the spring of 2018 after providing for the city for 50 years. Since then, there hasn't been a store at which Reed City residents could get their groceries.

"Anyone who can help fill the gap is welcome," Reed City City Manager Ron Howell said.

Named after two of their children, Joseph and Alleyne Angious, the store will provide a variety of grocery products, as well as hot items such as macaroni and cheese, fried chicken, chicken kabobs, fresh bread and hamburgers.

J&A also will offer breakfast items including eggs, bacon and sausage.

"Everything will be hot and fresh," Samir Angious said.

Samir Angious has been in Reed City since 2001, building his own business, Samir Tile Instillation, and said he is looking forward to tackling his next project.

"I see a smile on the customer's face, and that makes me happy," he said.

Located at 702 S. Chesnut St., Reed City, J&A will take the place of the old Short Stop gas station — providing fresh produce, meat and boxed foods.

With opening day fast approaching, the couple is in the store, taking inventory and searching for potential employees.

"Everybody's excited and can't wait for us to open," Christina Angious said. "I'll be happy when the store is running and we'll be able to relax a little bit."

J&A Grocery doesn't have a definite opening date yet, nor set hours of operation.