Local AARP chapter hears about Africa, recognizes volunteers

By Richard Karns

AARP Chapter No. 2418 Publicity Chair

REED CITY — Area residents recently enjoyed food, an afternoon of music and learned a few things about life on another continent.

Guests and members of the local Chapter No. 2418 of the AARP met for their regularly monthly meeting July 12, at the Reed City United Methodist Church.

Following the monthly potluck dinner, Chuck and Barb Schneider sang a variety of songs ranging from gospel to folk songs.

The Schneiders also provided a slide presentation from their recent trip to east Africa, with their experience concentrated in the areas of Tanzania, Kenya and the Serengeti. The couple showed many photos of animals they came in contact with during the trip. The largest five animals include a lion, rhinoceros, elephant, leopard and giraffe.

Chuck explained the migration of wildebeest and zebra. The Schneiders’ Masai guide told them the two animals always migrate together, as the wildebeest has poor eyesight and a good sense of smell, while the zebra has good eyesight and a poor sense of smell.

The Masai tribe, Chuck added, is one of the oldest on earth, and still functions much as they did 7,000 years ago.

Following the members’ general meeting, volunteers who prepared the 2016 income taxes for 500 individuals in preparation for AARP at the Reed City Trinity Lutheran Church were recognized for their assistance. The volunteers will need to take a two-week refresher course to familiarize themselves with changes in the income tax laws and pass a proficiency test before they are able to prepare taxes next year.

The local Chapter No. 2418 of AARP meets at noon on the second Wednesday of each month at the Reed City United Methodist Church for a potluck dinner and business meeting. There is usually a program of interest to everyone.

For those who would like to find out more about the chapter, the public is invited to visit. Guests should bring their own table service and a dish to pass for the potluck.