Lindsay Pepper receives second Emmy nomination for sound effects work

LOS ANGELES — The old saying claims lightning doesn’t strike the same place twice, but one Big Rapids native is proving this to be nothing more than a myth.

As people across the country tune in to watch their favorite Hollywood stars walk across the red carpet during the 70th annual Emmy Awards on Sept. 17, Lindsay Pepper will take her place among the stars for the second time.

Pepper is part of a sound effects team nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Sound Editing for A Comedy or Drama Series for episode eight of season two of the science-fiction-meets-horror Netflix original series, “Stranger Things,” titled, “Chapter Eight: The Mind Flayer.”

Just two years ago though, Pepper also was nominated as part of a sound effects team for work on the Marvel vigilante hero series, “Daredevil.” Although they did not win the Emmy, Pepper said it was an honor just to be nominated, a sentiment she maintains toward her second nomination.

“To be recognized among so many great shows is incredible,” she said.

The daughter of Teri and Ormand Hook and Glen and Renee Pepper, all of Big Rapids, Pepper knew working in the movie industry was her dream, but didn’t always know how she would achieve it.

After graduating from Big Rapids High School in 2009, Pepper attended Ferris State University. There she began her journey learning about the television and film industry, and upon graduating decided to move to California to go after her passion.

She began her career as a receptionist at Technicolor in Los Angeles, and worked her way up the ladder after receiving the training she needed to become a foley artist.

Pepper explained foley is the reproduction of everyday sounds to accompany movies or television shows.

“In a movie or TV show, the main thing people are concerned about are the actors’ voices, but after the video is shot, we add the rest of the sound — hand shakes, foot steps, fighting scenes — anything that goes on on-screen,” she said.

Even though Pepper has worked on several projects as a foley artist since learning the craft, she said “Stranger Things,” which is filled with children with supernatural abilities, grotesque monsters from a parallel dimension and epic ‘80s references, offers many unique and creative sound effects challenges.

“Every show is different. Every day is something new,” she said. “That’s what makes it exciting.”

Though part of a larger sound effects team, Pepper works with a small foley team made up of herself; fellow foley artist, Zane Bruce; and the mixer, Tony Zeller, who records, edits and sends off the sound effects to be used in production.

Pepper said it has been an incredible opportunity for them to take their passion for their craft and use it on a show they genuinely love.

Despite an impressive career in only a few short years, the 26-year-old said the journey has not been without challenges.

“It definitely was not easy. I came to L.A. with all my possessions and an unpaid internship, but I had the passion and drive, and that’s really what it takes,” Pepper said. “This is the job I’ve always wanted, but just never knew it.”

Now, only a few years later, Pepper is close to achieving her ultimate goal of winning an Emmy once again.

Whether or not “Stranger Things” wins, Pepper is thankful for the experiences she’s had and grateful for support from her home.

“It’s kind of surreal, and it’s really cool for me because I’m from such a small town, and when you mention (the nomination) to someone from home it reminds you how amazing it is,” she said. “I’m so grateful to be part of this and have these opportunities.”