REED CITY — Living in Northern Michigan, many families may not have the opportunity to see exotic animals only seen in zoos. Kirk Elya and Claudia Herrmann, owners of Whispering Pines Mobile Zoo are hoping to change that.

Reed City Public Library has invited them to bring a selection of animals to the Reed City Depot this Saturday, Feb. 4, from 11 a.m until noon. The event is free and is sure to be a great time for all ages.

Kirk has been working for over 20 years with exotic animals and in 2008, Claudia joined him at Whispering Pines. People may recognize them from the many county fairs they attend throughout the summer. Recently they have been focusing more on bringing educational events to schools, libraries, and nursing homes. Claudia states that The Surprise Safari is by far the most popular program. About a dozen animals are chosen randomly for an hour long presentation. Audiences are educated by Claudia on the animals’ origin, life span, diet and habitat in the best way, up close and personal. Kirk walks through the audience with the animals allowing each individual to see and even touch most of them. What a great experience for families to be able to have a mini zoo delivered right to their neighborhood.