Let’s get moving!

Family Fun Day at the Kettunen Center 

TUSTIN — Get moving with your entire family at the Family Fun Day at the Kettunen Center on Saturday, April 20 from 10 a.m.-3 p.m. Families will learn how to be active together doing spring activities. There will be a wide variety of activities happening during the event. There will be a course on how to get up off the couch and learn to run a 5k. Families can bring their bikes for a biking 101 course. The Kettunen Center will also provide bikes for use. There will be family Zumba and Yoga. Another aspect of this fun event is that families can learn how to make quick, healthy snacks. The Kettunen Center is looking forward to sharing the fun with many northern Michigan families. The event is $7 per person and includes lunch, snacks and equipment use. Adults and kids of all ages are welcome. Registration is required and space is limited. Please call the Kettunen Center at 231-829-3421 to save your spot. The Kettunen Center is located just 15 minutes from Cadillac. More information is located at