Leadership Summit underway with 12 participants

OSCEOLA COUNTY — This year's Osceola Leadership Summit is underway with 12 individuals who are ready to learn leadership skills and acquire further knowledge of the county in which they work, live and play.

"We're off to a good start I think," said Frontline Specialists President and CEO Al Weinberg, who also facilitates the summit. "The group is the largest I've had in the four years of the summit and I can't wait to see what this class brings."

The 10-month program started with a retreat and continues every third Thursday of the month through May. Though past participants include county commissioners, county directors, city and township officials and business owners, it is open to everyone in the county.

While all who attend the program take away different personal experiences, monthly themes allow members to go behind the scenes of professions and industries throughout Osceola County while expanding their knowledge and improving their abilities to communicate, train, manage and more. It provides individuals the opportunity to form connections and network with other professionals, as well.

This year, the group will take part in a simulation to experience various scenarios of poverty some local families face on a daily basis. The event is expected to provide large amounts of insight, according to Weinberg.

"It will give them a first-hand look of some of the struggles for people who want to succeed, but have a lot to deal with," he said. "I've done this in the past and it's proven to be an eye-opener for program members."

Weinberg said he does his best to keep the program fresh and enjoyable each year, while interacting with members of the Osceola County community who have a hand in education, public safety, health, local government, nonprofits and more.

"I'm thankful for the support of the community around the county who open their doors to us and recruit others into the program," he added.

This year's Osceola Leadership Summit participants include Andy Hust, Ashley McCauley, Brian Youngs, Dan Joyce, Deb Nemish, Jeff Babb, Jodi Vincent, Jody Hardy, Lea Fabian, Shannon Schmidt, Tim Hahn and Tracey Duchene.

For more information about the program, visit frontlinespecialists.com.