LeRoy student receives $3,500 scholarship

EAST LANSING – Michigan State University senior Brandon Gingrich, of LeRoy, was selected as one of 13 students at the school to receive $3,500 from the Michigan Dairy Memorial and Scholarship foundation.

Gingrich is pursuing a major in animal science, a four-year program in the MSU College of Agriculture and Natural Resources that leads graduates to a myriad of employment opportunities.

“Agriculture is an area that is thriving right now,” said Dr. Miriam Weber Nielsen, associate professor in the animal science department at MSU.

Individuals with an animal science degree could find employment in the farming industry or in allied industries that support farmers, such as pharmaceutical sales or health consulting, as well as go on to veterinary school or graduate school to serve the industry through research or as a higher-level consultant. The animal science program is one of the largest in the college, with 500 students currently enrolled.

Sixty students applied for the scholarships, which were awarded to 30 current MSU students in varying amounts. The process included a written application with a statement of interest in a career in the dairy industry along with a formal interview with the board of directors.

Recipients, all pursuing dairy industry-related programs of study for the 2011-12 academic year, were selected based on leadership, academic achievement and extra curricular involvement.