LeRoy kids mark Earth Day

LEROY — There was a lot of laughter and a few tears last week when LeRoy Elementary School’s kindergarten classes put on a concert in celebration of Earth Day.

The first tears of the night stopped the minute one little performer finally found her mom in the crowd. It took a couple quick shouts for her to locate her, but mom called out to reassure her, and the little girl broke into giggles. That’s when mom wiped away her own tears.

Then the music and well-rehearsed little routines brought a quiet to the crowd at times, lots of laughter at other times, and plenty of applause as the children from “Mrs. Peterson and Mr. Gebhard’s” classes sang several songs, followed by performances by Ms. Wilkin and Mrs. Parkes classes.

Various children had speaking parts and it appeared they had a lot of fun before, during and after their Earth Day performances.

In keeping with the theme, songs included Bluebird, Itsy Bitsy Spider and More, Let the Little Creatures Be, Mr. Sun, Hello Ladybug, When the Rain Comes Down, Six Little Ducks and One Light, One Sun.