LeRoy hosts Christmas celebration

LEROY — The Spirit of Christmas certainly was felt in the Village of LeRoy on Saturday when hundreds of people gathered in the cold to watch the fourth annual Holiday Lights Parade.

Following the parade, many gathered at the Village Christmas Tree for the tree lighting next to Santa’s House.

Prior to the parade, crowds gathered in the fire hall, the museum, at the library, and throughout the community to enjoy all sorts of activities, and to just plain stay warm.

The lines were long at times waiting for a turn to ride on a wagon pulled by a team of horses. Old Man Winter forgot to send along snow for horse drawn sleigh rides and a snowman building contest which had been on the schedule.

A drawing determined the prince and the princess. The lovely three-year-old Emma Haney was the celebration’s tiny princess, and rode on a float with a handsome older prince, four-year-old Wyatt Jones.

Santa and Mrs. Claus had lots of little visitors during the event, and in addition to writing letters to Santa, many youngsters were caught mailing them as well. There was also a spot for cookie decorating, face painting, a USPS activity table for children and adults alike at the fire hall.

In addition, music was played by a bell choir in the fire hall, and a guitar player entertained in the museum.

The museum was open throughout the evening and many of those gathering inside waiting for the parade, enjoyed wandering through the displays and talking about the history of the community and surrounding area.

Mrs. Claus also spent time at the library’s open house, telling Christmas stories.

Many remembered the day in December of 2010 when blizzard conditions raged through the area during the Christmas in LeRoy celebration, and braved the weather in spite of it, finding roads to outlying areas nearly impassable when they headed for home. Visibility was low and the blowing snow made the trip home a nasty one.

Next year? There’s hopes of good packing snow for the snowman contest and the sleigh rides, but a bit milder evening might be nice at that. But there were few complaints heard as people really enjoyed the opportunity to be together and have a good time in their community, along with the guests who came in to enjoy as well.