LEROY — Second-grade students at LeRoy Elementary School got a lesson in K-9 safety on Friday when trainers and their four-legged friends from the Riley Mackenzie Fund visited the school.

Debbie Szot brought her dog Lexie, a white boxer, and informed students of the proper way to approach and pet a dog.

“We think it’s important for children to learn how to greet a dog properly,” Szot said.

The Riley Mackenzie Fund is an assistance program for stray and abandoned animals throughout Michigan. The fund also has a therapy dog program. Many of the Riley Mackenzie-certified therapy dogs visit hospitals and other healthcare facilities to raise the spirits of patients. The group also travels to schools around the county.

LeRoy Elementary School has hosted the program for the past few years. The dogs always are a favorite among students, said principal Kelly Buckmaster.

“The kids get super excited and it’s nice to have them learn about dog safety,” Buckmaster said.

Along with Lexie, other trainers brought rottweilers Stella and Ruger, and Keegan, a black Scottish terrier.

“We have a big list of people and breeds, and I don’t know when kids would get the chance to see a Scottish terrier,” Szot said.

Evan Esiline, LeRoy Elementary second-grade student, said Keegan was his favorite dog among the bunch.

“I liked the black dog,” Evan said. “He was fuzzy.”

Each child received a K-9 coloring book and other materials from the Riley Mackenzie Fund after the assembly.