Evart Police Department

Oct. 23 to Oct. 29

Oct. 25

• Officers responded to a report of a domestic assault. The suspect was determined to be a juvenile. The case was forwarded to the Osceola County Prosecutor for review of charges.

Oct. 27

• Officers were called to investigate a report of a stolen firearm. It was determined the complaint occurred outside the city. The case was transferred to the appropriate agency.

• Officers were called to investigate a report of a stolen cellphone. The case remains open at this time.

• Officers responded to a complaint of embezzlement from a local organization. The case remains open at this time.

Reed City Police Department

Oct. 22 to Oct. 28

If you see any suspicious activity, call 911. For a non-emergency call 832-3255. Email tips to policereedcity@gmail.com.

Officers continue to perform property inspections and serve the appropriate abatement paperwork for those in violation of the Reed City Ordinances for tall grass, trash and vehicles throughout the week. Just a reminder, no leaves or brush can be placed in the streets, and beginning Nov. 15 there is no parking on the streets after 2:30 am.

Oct. 22

• While on patrol in the late evening, officers found the rear garage door of a local business open. Finding nothing out of the norm, the door was secured and the key holder notified.

Oct. 24

• The school liaison officer submitted paperwork requesting a warrant for truancy to the prosecutor's office.

Oct. 25

• Officers were dispatched to assist a 19-year-old woman who had a 3-year-old child locked inside a vehicle. The woman explained that while she and her boyfriend were attempting to jump start her vehicle, her son pushed the lock button on the door. Reed City Towing was called to unlock the vehicle.

• Officers received a call regarding a suspicious situation. The caller reported seeing a man walking up to a couple different houses and standing off to the side of them. Officers located the man in question and he explained one of the houses was up for sale and he was just taking a look. He also stopped and talked with the occupant outside. The officer called the complainant and relayed that the situation checked out.

• Officers received a call from the 12th precinct of the Detroit Police Department requesting a check on a missing person who was supposedly living in Reed City. Reed City officers made contact at the address given and found the subject was indeed living there. Officers reported back to the Detroit Police Department and the subject was removed as a missing person in the Law Enforcement Information Network (LEIN).

• Officers received a complaint from a local business regarding checks they received from accounts with non-sufficient funds. The business went through the proper steps try getting the money owed to them, but were not successful. Officers found a 26-year-old woman has moved out of the area. The matter will be turned over to the prosecutor's office for an arrest warrant.

• Officers went to the residence of a 40-year-old man to discuss a situation regarding him writing checks with non-sufficient funds in his account. The man explained he had been working out of town and unable to sign for the certified letter from the business trying to get payment. He was advised he had five days to take care of the payment or a warrant for his arrest would be issued.

Oct. 26

• Officers received information regarding a minor in possession of liquor. A warrant has been submitted to the prosecutor's office.

• Officers were called to review videotapes regarding a suspicious situation at a local gas station. Nothing suspicious was found.

Oct. 27

• Officers were dispatched to respond to an alarm activation. Officers searched the business and found nothing out of the norm. It was a false alarm.

Oct. 28

• Officers were dispatched to a local business to take a report regarding vandalism. The business owner showed the spray painted message on the side of his building and gave a description of the two teenage boys he thought might be the ones responsible. The responding officer was unable to locate anyone who matched the description given on the two suspects. The matter is under investigation.

• The Osceola County Sheriff’s Office requested a Reed City Police Officer assist with traffic control at the scene of a hit-and-run accident at 3 Mile Road and South Chestnut Street.