Evart Police Department

April 30 to May 6

April 30

• Officers were called to assist the Michigan State Police with a death investigation.

• While on patrol, officers located an abandoned bicycle. The bicycle was brought to the police department while attempts to locate the owner are made.

• Officers were called to a complaint of a stolen truck. It was determined to be a civil issue and the complainant was referred to district court.

• Officers were called to stand by during a property inspection with a landlord.

• Officers were dispatched to a fight in progress. One subject was arrested. The case remains open at this time.

• Officers were called to a hit-and-run accident. Officers were able to locate the vehicle abandoned at an unoccupied residence. The case remains open at this time.

May 1

• Officers were dispatched to assist the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office with an illegal burn complaint. A citation was issued.

May 2

• Officers were called to investigate a malicious destruction of property complaint. The case remains open at this time.

May 3

• Officers were called to conduct a well-being check. The subject was found to be secure. No services were requested.

• While on patrol, officers conducted a traffic stop and discovered the vehicle to be unregistered. The driver was arrested and transported to the Osceola County Jail, where they were lodged on charges.

May 5

• Officers were called to assist Child Protective Services with a complaint. The case remains open at this time.

• Officers responded to a report of a found dog. The dog was transported to the Osceola County Animal Shelter.

Reed City Police Department

April 29 to May 5

If you see any suspicious activity, call 911. For a non-emergency call 832-3255. Email tips to policereedcity@gmail.com.

April 29

• Officers were requested to respond to a possible domestic situation with another agency. The officer checked on the other agency’s officer when he did not answer his radio. The officer was fine, just poor radio reception.

April 30

• Officers received a report regarding the larceny of a cellphone. The woman stated she accidentally left her cellphone at the Secretary of State office. When she went back to locate it, the cellphone was gone. The woman reported she was able to track the phone to the business area of U.S. 10. and Patterson Road. The officer explained, with her permission to access her phone, the department could assist her in tracking it. The woman called back a short time later stating she found the phone in a trash container.

May 1

• Officers were dispatched to local residence regarding a family dispute. The responding officer was able to calm the situation down and cleared the scene. Police were called back to the scene the next night and again, officers calmed down those involved.

• Officers were dispatched to respond to a suspicious situation regarding a young man waving at people as he lay on the lawn, near the curb, of GT Norman Elementary. Officers questioned the young man, who reported he was just waiting for his girlfriend to finish up volunteering so he could walk her to the high school. The young man’s story was verified and officers cleared the scene.

• While in route to a possible trespassing situation, an officer located a man who matched the description of the suspect from the trespassing complaint with a group of other young men. The officer stopped and questioned the group, and found the subject in question had an outstanding warrant out of a neighboring jurisdiction. In addition, the 19-year-old man was found to be in possession of marijuana, violating his probation. He was placed under arrest and transported to the Osceola County Jail, where he was lodged without incident.

• Officers were dispatched to the area of South Chestnut Street and Church Avenue regarding a two-vehicle personal injury accident. One minor injury was reported.

• Officers received information regarding a possible harboring of a fugitive. The officer went to the suspected residence and questioned the 49-year-old woman, who denied the male fugitive was staying at her residence or that she had seen him. She gave permission for the officer to check the apartment and he was not located. The officer advised the woman that the man had a warrant and that if she was lying or assisting in hiding him she could be charged with harboring a fugitive. The man was found hiding and arrested at the residence later that evening. A warrant request for harboring a fugitive has been submitted to the prosecutor's office for review.

• Officers were dispatched to local residence regarding malicious destruction of property and with entering without permission. The caller reported a 30-year-old man tried to pick a fight with another man, supposedly over a female that he believed the other guy was still in love with. The man tried to kick in the door and drove across the lawn, striking spot lights and tearing up the lawn. The matter is under investigation.

• Officers were requested to perform a well-being check. The neighbor called 911 concerned that the woman had been sitting in her car for the past two days. Knowing the woman had shown hoarding behavior in the past, it was thought maybe she could no longer get into her house. Officer spoke with the woman, who stated she had been working on cleaning the house out and that it was too hot inside so she was sitting in the nice weather working on a crossword.

May 2

• Officers were requested to respond to the probation/parole office at the Osceola County courthouse and assist in the arrest of a 27-year-old man who was in violation of his parole. The man was then transported to the Osceola County Jail, where he was lodged without incident

• Officers were dispatched the Osceola County parole office regarding a 43-year-old man in violation of his parole. The man was placed under arrest and transported to the Osceola County Jail, where he was lodged without incident.

May 3

• Officers stopped and questioned a woman who had been observed coming from the Depot after hours. The woman explained she had been running a fundraiser earlier and was returning items back to the Depot.

May 4

• Officers heard a vehicle with a loud exhaust revving its motor repeatedly and excessively in the high school parking lot. The noise continued for several minutes. The officer located the source and issued the 48-year-old man a civil infraction for excessive noise from vehicle.

• Officers were dispatched to the Spectrum Health Reed City Hospital emergency room regarding an assault and battery. Finding the incident took place in Lake County, the matter was turned over to the Lake County Sheriff's Office.

• Officers assisted the Michigan State Police regarding a reckless driver reported on the expressway. The officer located and pulled the vehicle over just as the Michigan State Police approached. The matter was then handed over to MSP, who shortly after made an arrest for operating while intoxicated.

May 5

• Officers arrested a 49-year-old man on charges of operating while under the influence of alcohol. He was transported to the Osceola County Jail, where he was lodged without incident.

• Officers were dispatched to local residence regarding a barking dog. The caller reported the dog had been barking for hours. Finding no one home, the officer was able to contact the owner by phone. Arrangements were made to take care of the dog. A citation will be issued for nuisance barking.