Evart Police Department

Jan. 8 to Jan. 21

Jan. 9

• Officers were called to a traffic complaint. It was determined the complaint occurred outside the city.

• Officers were called to a car-deer accident.

• Officers responded to four separate harassment complaints.

Jan. 10

• Officers took a report of threatening communication. The case remains open at this time.

Jan. 11

• Officers were called to a malicious destruction of property complaint. The case remains open at this time.

• Officers responded to a fraudulent check complaint. The case remains open at this time.

• Officers made contact with a subject who had an outstanding warrant. The subject posted bond for their warrant.

Jan. 15

• Officers were contacted regarding a property damage complaint at a local business. The case remains open at this time.

Jan. 16

• Officers responded to a complaint of suspicious subjects soliciting door-to-door. Contact was made with the subjects and they were advised of the city ordinance that requires them to have a permit.

• While conducting a traffic stop, officers made contact with a subject who had an outstanding warrant. Officers placed the subject under arrest and turned them over to the Lake County Sheriff’s Office.

Jan. 18

• Officers took a complaint of a larceny. The case remains open at this time.

• Officers conducted a stand-by for a child custody exchange.

Jan. 19

• Officers were called to Evart High School to investigate a criminal sexual conduct complaint. It was determined the situation in question occurred outside the city limits. The case was turned over to the appropriate agency.

Jan. 21

• A probation tether was found at Riverside East and turned over the Evart Police Department. The device was turned over to the district court to determine the identification of the owner.

• Officers responded to a car-deer accident. No injuries were reported.

• While conducting a traffic stop, officers made contact with a driver in violation of restricted license conditions. An appearance citation was issued.

Reed City Police Department

Jan. 14 to Jan.20

If you see any suspicious activity, call 911. For a non-emergency call 832-3255. Email tips to policereedcity@gmail.com.

PHONE SCAM! Beware of individuals calling stating they are a relative who is out of state and are broken down, in jail, etc. They will ask you to wire money. The best course of action is to hang up. With the digital age, local law enforcement agencies are rarely able to locate the individual or recover the money.

Jan. 14

• An appearance citation was issued to a 25-year-old man for the improper use of a trailer registration plate.

• Officers arrested a 24-year-old man on charges of operating while intoxicated and leaving the scene of an accident. He was transported to the Osceola County Jail, where he was lodged without incident.

• Veterans Affairs called central dispatch regarding a possibly suicidal male. The responding officer went to the address and spoke with the 30-year-old veteran who had been on the phone with the VA. He stated that he was not suicidal and was not going to harm himself. He apologized for wasting the officer's time, stating he was just venting to the woman on the phone about his problems.

• Officers responded to a call regarding dogs barking all day. Officers located the dogs and the owner had just arrived home. The 57-year-old man stated they had been out of town longer than expected and had left the dogs in the kennel outside. Officers issued a verbal warning.

• Officers were dispatched to locate a nude adult male who left the Spectrum Health Reed City campus on foot. The man was located walking down the road, wearing boxers and socks. He willingly accepted a ride back to the hospital, where he continued his mental health evaluation by the doctors.

Jan. 15

• Officers responded to assist EMS with a 30-year-old woman not breathing, in cardiac arrest, and CPR in progress.

Jan. 16

•Officers were dispatched to a parking lot regarding a personal property damage accident. No injuries were reported.

• Officers were dispatched to an apartment regarding a suspicious situation. A tenant heard a door in the apartment below and was concerned as she knew (and confirmed) the tenant was not home. Officers found the door unlocked with no forced entry. A search of the apartment found nothing out of place and no tracks in the snow. The matter was unfounded.

Jan. 17

• An Osceola County probation officer requested police check on a 45-year-old woman at her apartment. It was suspected she had a visitor who was on her “No Contact” probation terms. The matter was unfounded.

Jan. 18

• Officers received a call regarding a 48-year-old pregnant woman walking from LeRoy into town and refusing to get into her boyfriend's vehicle, as he had been following her. Officers located the woman, who explained she was fine, she was just angry and wanted to be left alone. The officer was able to talk with the woman and she agreed to get in her boyfriend's vehicle.

Jan. 19

• Officers were dispatched to assist the Osceola County Sheriff's Office and its K-9 unit locate a runaway juvenile. The responding officer located the young female at the Depot. She was handed over to Osceola County Sheriff's deputies.

• Officers were requested to respond to a local business regarding a suspicious situation. The caller had found prescription medication in and around a trash can. The medication was identified as allergy relief and pain killers. Officers believe the medication and other items in the trash were the results of someone cleaning out their vehicle. The medication was taken to the Reed City Police Department and deposited into the medication drop box for disposal.

• Officers were requested to perform a well-being check on a 52-year-old man. The caller was concerned over comments made on social media. The man was found to be intoxicated but fine. He told officers he had no intentions of harming himself and arrangements were made for him to stay with a friend for the evening.

Jan. 20

• The U.S. Post Office requested a well-being check on a local citizen, stating the mail had not been picked up in quite some time and there didn’t appear to be any activity at the residence. The responding officer spoke with the occupant, who stated he was fine, but his mailbox had been knocked down by the snowplow and he would go in to the post office and pick up his mail.

• Officers were dispatched to assist the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office in pursuit of a speeding vehicle and suspected the vehicle would be exiting the expressway into Reed City. The sheriff's office deputies had the vehicle in question pulled over on the exit ramp as the Reed City officers performed scene security during the investigation.

• Officers were dispatched to respond to a possible suicide attempt with prescription medication and alcohol. The 52-year-old man was found to be intoxicated and admitted to taking a large amount of medication. Osceola County EMS transported him to the emergency room for treatment.