Evart Police Department

April 2 to April 8

April 2

• Officers were called to an assault between students on the school bus. The case remains open at this time.

• Officers were called to stand-by during a Child Protective Services interview regarding neglect allegations. It was determined the case occurred outside the city and the case was turned over to the proper agency.

• A set of El Camino keys were found and turned in at the Evart Police Department. Please call (231) 734-5911 to claim these keys.

• Officers were called to a complaint of two dogs on the loose. The dogs were returned to their home and their owner was given a verbal warning.

• Officers were called to conduct a well-being check on an infant. Contact was made with the child and parent. Neither was found to be in need of services.

• Officers were called to assist the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office with locating a possible prowler. Contact was made with a possible suspect, but the person was found to have not been involved.

April 3

• Officers were dispatched to an assault in progress at a local school. The suspect was found to have fled the scene. Officers located the suspect and placed the subject under arrest. The subject was transported to the Osceola County Jail and lodged on charges.

• Officers were dispatched to a property damage accident. No injuries were reported.

April 4

• Officers conducted a stand-by during a custody exchange.

• Officers were dispatched to conduct a well-being check on a juvenile. The subject was transported to Spectrum Health Reed City Hospital for an evaluation.

•Officers were called to a complaint regarding insufficient funds checks for two different instances at a local business. One has been resolved and the other is still pending.

April 5

• Officers were called to the Evart Elementary School to assist with an unruly child.

• Officers were dispatched for assistance in killing a spider. The caller was informed this is not a police matter and it constitutes misuse of the 911 system. The caller also was informed further misuse could lead to an arrest. The alleged arachnid was gone upon officer’s arrival.

• While on patrol, officers made contact with a dog at large. The dog’s home and owner were located and a citation was issued.

• Officers were called to investigate items missing from a local business. The case remains open at this time.

• Officers were called to a complaint of a juvenile who had walked away from their home. The subject was located and returned to their parent.

April 6

• Officers were called to a two-vehicle collision on private property. No injuries were reported.

• Officers were dispatched to an attempted suicide. The subject was located and transported to Spectrum Health Reed City Hospital.

• Officers were called to the Spectrum Health  Reed City Hospital for a report of a hit-and-run that occurred at the Evart Elementary School. The juvenile said they were struck by a vehicle that went around the buses on to the sidewalk. The case is under investigation.

April 7

• Officers took a complaint of a dog that was taken out of a vehicle. The dog was later located and returned to its owner.

April 8

•Officers responded to a report of an assault. The case has been forwarded to the prosecutor for review.

Reed City Police Department

April 1 to April 7

If you see any suspicious activity, call 911. For a non-emergency call 832-3255. Email tips to policereedcity@gmail.com.

April 1

• While performing a property check at the Depot, officers found graffiti on the walls and floor. The graffiti was written from what appeared to be the ash of burnt wood taken from the fire pit. The matter is under investigation.

• While on foot patrol of the downtown area, officers found the rear door of a local business unlocked. A search of the building found nothing out of the norm. The officer made contact with the key holder, who responded and secured the door.

• Officers arrested a 26-year-old man on charges of disturbing the peace. He was transported to the Osceola County Jail, where he was lodged without incident.

• Officers arrested a 23-year-old man on a criminal bench warrant for a probation violation. He was transported to the Osceola County Jail, where he was lodged without incident.

• Officers were requested to perform a well-being check on a woman whose family members reported she had not shown up for a holiday dinner. They reported her phone was not working and had concerns because they had not heard from her. Officers located the 35-year-old woman at her home and requested she make contact with her family. In addition, officers found she had a warrant for child neglect and placed her under arrest. The woman was then transported to the Osceola County Jail, where she was lodged without incident.

• Officers responded to a noise complaint regarding a possible domestic situation. The caller reported the incident took place in the hall of the apartments. No one was around when the officer arrived and no one answered their doors at the time. Witnesses reported seeing a male tenant leaving the complex before officers arrived. Officers called and spoke with the female tenant in question and issued verbal warnings regarding the noise.

April 2

• Officers arrested a 32-year-old man for driving without vehicle insurance and an expired driver’s license. In addition, he was issued a citation for an expired registration plate and a given a warning regarding his rear bumper that was missing from the vehicle. The man was argumentative with the officer. He was transported to the Osceola County Jail and lodged.

• A 29-year-old woman came into the Reed City Police Department and stated she had been involved in a domestic incident earlier in the day with her ex. The woman filled out a statement and was run through LEIN and found to have a valid warrant out of Osceola County. She was then placed under arrest and transported to the Osceola County Jail, where she was lodged. Officers then went to her home and found the 41-year-old male subject in question outside. He was arrested for domestic violence, along with prohibiting a 911 call. He was lodged at the Osceola County Jail.

April 3

• Officers received a report regarding a suspicious situation involving peddlers in the area. The caller reported four men on foot going door-to-door soliciting for a company called Provision. The man thought it was odd as two of the men told him they were working for DTE but had Michigan Natural Gas ID badges. When confronted with this, the men left upset and drove away in a vehicle with an out of state license plate. Officers increased patrol in the area. Residents are advised to call 911 if any suspicious activity is observed.

April 4

• Officers received a call regarding a suspicious person walking who fit the information provided of a possible suspect police were looking for on a warrant. The matter was unfounded.

• Officers were dispatched to a possible domestic disturbance. The caller stated it was not clear if the situation was physical. Upon speaking with both parties, they stated they have had problems with the neighbors doing this before. They stated that they were "bickering" and really were not fighting. Both parties deny there was any physical contact at all. Officers advised the next time they are called to respond there will be charges of disturbing the peace issued.

• An officers assisted fire/rescue and EMS on a medical call. The EMS crew reported the subject appeared to have a seizure and although conscious, was unaware of his surroundings and had became combative with them. Upon the officer's arrival, the patients’ condition had improved and he had calmed down. The officer remained on scene until the patient was loaded into the ambulance.

April 6

• Officers were requested to respond to City Hall regarding an upsetting voicemail message from a man who had been in earlier that day. The man appeared to be intoxicated and upset that his trash had not been collected that morning. He was belligerent and using foul language toward the staff and was asked to leave. Officers went to the man's house and addressed the issue with him, advising that it is not the city employees' fault his trash was not picked up that day. No trespass papers have been requested, and a report was submitted to the prosecutor's office.

• Officers received a call regarding a missing juvenile male. The boy was found next door a short time later.

April 7

• Officers were requested to pick up a 27-year-old woman at the Mecosta County Jail. The woman was being held on a misdemeanor warrant for fraud out of Reed City. She was then transported to the Osceola County Jail, where she was lodged without incident.