Kids find Easter egg hunt a success

REED CITY — It only took about 17 minutes from the time the “Go!” was given for dozens and dozens of kids to run through the hills of Reed City’s Rambadt Park and for the tiny tykes to tackle the flatlands to gather up most of the 3,000 plastic Easter eggs on Saturday afternoon.

One egg, however, was very elusive, and purposely well-hidden, for the multi-colored Easter egg contained approximately $15 in cash. When continued hunting failed to turn it up, Mike Solis, coordinator of the event, provided more hints toward smaller and smaller areas in the hills for the hunt.

Finally, the egg was captured by Kori Adams and her son, Theryn, of Chase. A youngster who had the honor of hiding the egg earlier said he watched at least 15 people walk right by it.

Solis said Reed City Moose Lodge 705 and the women’s group 2305 do the event each year, “Because it’s really good for the community.” The event was originated by Ike Reed many years ago, Solis said, and “three or four years back we named it after him. We call it the Ike Reed Easter Egg Hunt, and do it in his memory.”

It takes far longer for the members and their families to fill the plastic eggs with coins and candy, and then hide them the day of the actual hunt, than it does for the children age 10 and under to locate them. Asked about the costs involved, it was noted by Governor Bob Wessels, “To tell you the truth, we don’t keep track of that. We all just pitch in and donate to it and do it for the community.”

The organization also does a car show in June and a golf outing in the summer to benefit the organization’s scholarship program.