Kettunen Family Fun Day: On the path to good times

TUSTIN — The weather was perfect Saturday for the Spring Family Fun Day at Kettunen Center near Tustin, and the crowd was larger than expected.

In fact, only 45 had signed up, but Kama Ross of Kettunen said, they were prepared for 50 anyway, and then a few more calls came in and so did a few more people, “So we actually ended up with 55.”

Some were little children, some were grandparents or moms and dads, and they appeared to have a great time trying out various activities throughout the day.

Jim Maturen of Reed City was the keynote speaker. The audience was treated not only to a “turkey talk” by this local expert, but he also taught them talk like a turkey through a straw. When Maturen does his presentations, he tells the crowd that, “In this box are 200 turkey calls, and each of you will get one free.” Then he produces the box full of small straws. Maturen is president of the Pere Marquette Chapter of the Michigan Wild Turkey Association.

After the laughter subsides, he arms them with the straws and actually teaches them how to call a turkey. “And it works,” he says. He knows. He can do it.

In addition to hearing about the favorite for many a Thanksgiving dinner, the group had an opportunity to try Nordic skiing, learn how to make maple syrup, do geocaching, and practice compass skills. A spring bird hike was also a highlight, along with a craft room for young and old alike to try new skills.

The geocaching was a favorite of many, especially when they found their ways to a special location that had surprise for everyone to search for, and one young man was tickled pink to be the one to find a muskrat skull to take home with him.

A grandmother attended with other family members who went geocaching including one grandson who was thrilled with his find. It was not an object hidden in a particular area for the activity, but he did find it anyway. And he wanted to share it with grandma. She was not thrilled. In fact, as he tried to pull her up a hill to see the snake, she tugged him right down the hill trying to escape his grip AND the snake.

Assisting with the activities were Ross, Andrea Grix, Laura Jacobson, and Maturen.

A buffet lunch and snacks also were tossed in for the $7 registration fee.