Kettunen Center receives grant from Consumers

TUSTIN — The Kettunen Center, which is a facility that hosts 4-H training workshops, school band camps and more, is being given a grant of $50,000 from the Consumers Energy Foundation.

Funds will support expansion of a beach, addition of a dock, recreational features and more.

The grants from the Consumers Energy Foundation fund and fill the needs of a variety of projects in Lower Peninsula communities that Consumers Energy serves. The foundation is supporting educational programs, community projects and initiatives that provide assistance to people in need.

“You can appreciate the good work that goes out in Michigan’s communities, big and small, from looking at the nonprofit projects we are supporting,” said David Mengebier, president of the Consumers Energy Foundation. “We are proud to play a role in helping bring these initiatives and programs closer to completion, and building a strong future for our state.”

The Consumers Energy Foundation is the philanthropic arm of Consumers Energy. It provides funding for a variety of areas, including education, community, civic and cultural development, social services, the environment and emerging issues. Michigan nonprofit organizations will receive more than $8 million this year through the foundation, the company and employee and retiree contributions.

The Consumers Energy Foundation closed out 2013 by announcing more than $475,000 in grants for 17 community and nonprofit organizations throughout Michigan.