Kettunen Center plans Road Scholar program

TUSTIN — If you’re looking for a good way to prepare to settle in for the cold weather ahead and beyond, you might want to check on the internet at the Kettunen Center website for all kinds of activities that are coming up.

From Oct. 9 to 14, Kettunen Center, located five miles east of Tustin on 20 Mile Road, will be offering a variety of classes provided through a Road Scholar Program.

The title is Capture Northern Michigan: Watercolors and Photography and Tai Chi Chuan: an Ancient Art of Wellness. Participants are 21 years of age and older.

They will focus on watercolor painting with Mary T. Guntzviller. a professional watercolor artist from Bellaire.

She will do watercolor demonstrations daily, as well as provide individualized assistance.

Instruction will be available for beginners and advanced watercolor artists. Basic supplies will be provided.

Participants will be able to take daily interpretive walks, learn about the life along the way including flora and fauna, and discuss seasonal changes.

Participants will learn to take reference photographs from professional photographers Roger Packard of Coleman and Charles St. Charles of Cadillac.

Classroom and outside instruction will provide guidance in composition, lighting, and digital photography skills.

Catherine Cline of Cadillac will be on hand to present daily sessions based on the teachings of Grand Mater Pay, a 17th-generation Taoist from China.

For additional information on the Road Scholar Programs, contact Kama Ross at Kettunen Center.

She can be reached by calling (231) 829-3421 or at or you may check out the Road Scholar website at

Ross is the assistant program coordinator at Kettunen Center.