JuliAnne Sisung to give book talk and signing at Reed City library

REED CITY — Historical Hersey is the focus of a book by author JuliAnne Sisung, who will give a free book talk and offer signings from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Jan. 19, at the Reed City Area District Library.

"It is exciting to help expose the talents of local authors," said library director Heather Symon Bassett. "We have a lot of literary talent in this community and is fun to be turned on to an author that may just be gaining renown."

Sisung was born in Big Rapids and moved to Hersey as a child, where she became inspired to write a historical fiction series called "The Family Saga Series." Three books, including "The Elephant in the Room," "Angels in the Corner" and "Light in the Forest" have already been written, and Sisung is working on a fourth.

She believes the novels capture the essence of the village and is proud of writing books relating to her childhood backyard.

"I love Hersey. It's unique," Sisung said. "It hasn't changed since the lumberjacks picked up and left. It has a quality you can't find even in small towns nearby."

During the library event, she will focus on the first novel of the series, "The Elephant in the Room," which begins in 1890 during the Hersey lumber boom. It follows a family of colorful characters and animals going through life and the conventions of the time period, with a focus on love, changing relationships and family.

"I hope I will get to see a lot of people I knew back then and now at the event," she added. "I hope I can share stories with them and they can share stories with me."

In addition to Sisung's discussion, books will be available for purchase and signing, Symon Bassett said.

"This is a free event that is great way to escape the winter weather with like-minded literature lovers," she added. "Our author talks and book signings tend to be casual and enjoyable events with light beverages and snacks provided. We have great feedback on author events and the library will continue to provide them."

The library is located in the basement of The Annex, located at 410 W. Upton Ave. in Reed City.