Juday joins Evart PD

EVART — Lorne Juday is the newest member of the Evart Police Department ready to help protect and serve members of the community.

Juday, originally from Marshall, graduated from Ferris State University after majoring in law enforcement and minoring in psychology and Spanish. After graduating, he was placed on bike patrol in Cadillac. He is now part of the Evart department and joins a staff of four other officers.

“I like it here. I want to be part of the good service the police department provides to the community,” Juday said.

He said he chose to pursue law enforcement because he wanted an exciting career that offered variety each day. His grandfather, who was a police officer as well, also inspired him.

Juday is interested in learning from his fellow officers, gaining additional training and focusing on his personal passion within the department. Currently, he desires to learn specialized interviewing and defensive tactics. He said he believes working in the Evart Police Department will help him become more well-rounded as an officer.

Evart’s Chief of Police Kendra Backing said Juday stood out during the interview process and is still making strides.

“We’re very pleased with his work,” Backing added. “We’re certainly glad to have him and fill the gaps in our coverage.”

She said the department will providing him further education and experience in the field, including how to detect additional signs of people under the influence of drugs.

The position became available after the department received a federal cops hiring program grant, which gave Backing the opportunity to hire a military veteran who served for at least 180 days following Sept. 11, re-hire an officer who had been laid off or to re-hire an officer who was scheduled to be laid off in the future due to budget cuts.

Juday, who had been laid off from his position in Cadillac, was a match.

The grant paid 75 percent of the cost of the position salary and fringe benefits, and the city matched 25 percent.