REED CITY — Winter is usually an extremely busy time at the Reed City Sportsman Club.

“(Last) Sunday (was) sign up time for the winter league trap and skeet,” club member Terry Getts said. “It’s a good time for anybody to sign up and join the club to be members. We’re going to start that at 9 a.m. It will go all day. We expect a lot of teams this year. We have to see about maybe even having some young teams in there this year also. The kids have a lot of athletic sports they’re involved with. We’re thinking of maybe getting a couple of five-man teams.

“We’re expecting a pretty good turnout. We’ll be doing that for 12 weeks. At the end of that, we’ll have our (competition) to determine the class winners for A, B, C and D for trap and skeet. There will be an overall trophy too with high overall for both. I’m going to guess there’s going to be probably 12 teams. I’m thinking we had 10 last year. We’re thinking we’ll have a couple of more teams. But that’s not counting those two kids’ teams we’re expecting to have.”

The facilities are ready to go, Getts added.

“They remodeled the old clubhouse and painted the original clubhouse. Also we’ve done a lot of improvements this summer,” Getts said. “People like our targets so they’re very interested in coming out. We did raise membership fees this year to help offset the price of the targets. Their price went up quite a bit last year.

“This is still a place where people want to be. We’ve seen that. A lot of people who live quite a ways away from the club come to the events we have. We probably have the best targets in the NATA. Good targets people can hit better than bad targets. We did put up some sound barriers between the skeet fields and trap fields and the rifle and pistol range. That seems to be working real good. That way we don’t disturb each other when we’re doing the events.”

Getts added there have been improvements to both the pistol and rifle ranges.