Hunters take aim at Big Buck Contest prizes

EVART — It’s time to get your best big buck story dusted off — and bag a prize winner for real.

Hunters out on Opening Day of firearm deer hunting season in the Evart area will have double the chance to score big while showing off their bagged bucks this year.

Yessir. It’s Big Buck time in Evart.

The Evart Chamber of Commerce sponsored Big Buck Contest will be held once again this year on Opening Day, Nov. 15. Organizers are all set to measure deer and judge the expected tough competition.

“For almost 20 years the Big Buck Contest has been a highlight of the hunting season for a lot of fun for people from around Osceola County and those visiting this area during hunting season,” explained Evart Masonic Lodge president Shelby Struble. “Members of the Masonic Lodge encourage hunters to come and show off their successes in the field.”

The annual event is facilitated by members of the local Lodge with support by the Evart Chamber of Commerce. Judges will be on hand throughout Opening Day to measure deer antlers for the one-day contest. There will be prizes offered for “First Deer In” as well as impressive cash prizes for those winning a place on the leader board.

No one walks away empty handed.

And ...

“We’ll have plenty of hot coffee and donuts on hand in the morning, and some great soup and chili on the stove throughout the later part of the day,” added Struble.

“The Big Buck contest is a longstanding tradition in Evart and we’re sure a lot of people will really enjoy having it take place once again this year offering hunters a place to come and talk with others to see how things are going as well as just a chance to warm up and swallow down a cup of coffee.

“The guys who measured deer in years past will be back bringing their expertise with them.

“It’s just a lot of fun. That’s all there is to it. We have place to hold such a contest and we’re maintaining the tradition at no cost to anyone stopping by. We see it as a service and a lot of fun at that!”

The Big Buck Contest will take place at the Evart Masonic Lodge on south Main Street, just south of Evart’s historic Depot.

The one-day race for Big Buck glory will take place Tuesday, Nov. 15 from first light until about 5 p.m.

After checking in at the Lodge, the Buck Pole at Schmidty’s will be the place to be. Last year, the Buck Pole attracted about 30 sportsmen and their trophies to the Schmitdy’s — located prominently on U.S. 10 — giving hunters a chance to really show off their prowess, and win a hefty cash prize

A buck measuring contest from opening to closing hunt time will give hunters a chance to double up on prizes and get some great photos of the bagged buckage.

For the past two years Schimdty’s Buck Pole has attracted a lot of attention, with cars slowing down for a look at some great examples of the year’s whitetail harvest.

Many folks also stopped by to take photos and admire the deer taken in the opening day hunt.

Schmidty’s owner Eric Schmidt promises the one-day Opening Day Buck Pole will be bigger and better this year.

There’s going to be a lot of fun in Evart for hunters who come in from the field with this year’s harvest.

There’ll be a lot to see, and plenty of time to sit around and tell a tale or two for hunters and erstwhile hunters alike.

Don’t miss out on the fun and excitement of the hunt at the Masonic Lodge and Schmidty’s Buck Pole.