Hundreds participate, thousands attend Evart car show

EVART - Some 116 immaculately cared for cars, gleaming and shimmering in the wash of sunlight at Evart’s Riverside Park, rolled onto the lawned expanse that was to be the venue for the 19th annual Evart Car Show this past Saturday, as hundreds of visitors stood admiring the parade of automotive history.

There were actually many more if ‘club cars’ were added to the mix.

The latest edition of the car Show was no disappointer.

Despite hefty gas prices, the park filled early and there was plenty to see as folks strolled along row after row of lovingly maintained, and stunningly restore classic cars and beautiful hotrods.

Music boomed out over the park, as visitors and participants alike wandered, admired, and critiqued each and every auto which rolled in from near and far.

The Evart Car Show has not only become a cornerstone of summertime activity in this Osceola County community, but also wraps up the summer’s events and festivities.

The show attracts hundreds of visitors to what is well considered one of the nicest, most pleasant car show venues in the state. No sitting on hot asphalt under skimpy shade umbrellas here. The spreading trees, well mowed lawns, and adjacent Muskegon River make for a cool and comfortable setting like no other in the car show circuit.

“We had a great car show,” said Evart Car Club member Betty Bingaman. The Evart Car club has hosted the event for every one of the past 19 years.

“People said they really enjoyed themselves and everything worked out very, very well.”

In mid-afternoon, cars began their exit from the park filling the streets of Evart with convoys of moving automotive art.

Folks our for a stroll took time to stop for a stare.

There were certainly some impressive machines in Evart over the weekend. They’ll be back again next year.